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Developing cost-effective and low-carbon options to meet India’s cooling demand through 2050.

Applied Research

Energy demand for space cooling is the fastest growing energy use in buildings globally. This study provides a detailed bottom-up framework for assessing the space cooling energy demand from India’s urban residential sector in 2050. It prioritises “thermal comfort for all” households and recommends implementable solutions for meeting this energy demand sustainably.



Collaborative project with Greentech Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and CRDF, CEPT University.

Client: Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, as part of the India Energy Transformation Platform

ENERGISE 2020 – Hyderabad and INSPIRE 2017 - Jaipur

Knowledge Transfer Communications

The two editions of the AEEE energy efficiency conclaves have initiated an Indian platform for dialogue and dissemination of relevant research related to buildings, industry, transport and utilities.

As senior technical advisor, our role was to curate and design the process for selection of research papers including call for abstracts, technical committee setting, paper presentation panels and reviewing all abstracts and papers submitted to the conference. Further information and proceedings can be accessed at


Client: Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy

Eco Niwas Samhita: Development of implementation strategy and support in States

Applied Research

Eco-Niwas Samhita is the energy conservation building code for residential buildings in India. It was launched by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power in December 2018. The implementation strategy is based on extensive research on housing policies, data about quantum and type of housing, key levers driving housing construction, and interviews of public and private sector stakeholders to develop a bottom-up understanding of ground realities of the housing sector in two states – Gujarat and Rajasthan.


Client: Greentech knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd as part of the Indo-Swiss Building Energy Efficiency Project

Multi-project support to building energy efficiency programme


This consulting assignment was to support strategic thinking around energy efficiency in the buildings sector, including interventions at the building, community and city scale. This included research framing and data analysis support to two residential sector projects carried out with TIDE – Vidyut Rakshaka and Demand Aggregation in apartment buildings in Bangalore. 


Client: WRI India

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Mainstreaming thermal comfort for All and resource efficiency in affordable housing

Applied Research

Status review of PMAY-U Mission to understand drivers and barriers


This study looks at the PMAY-Urban mission targets in detail across it’s four sub components and state level data, to understand the type of housing being built and highlight the energy impact (embodied and operational), of building design and construction. It is a first step towards pathway consequences of affordable housing construction under the PMAY-Urban mission and provides recommendations to mainstream thermal comfort and resource efficiency across the four sub-components.

Client: Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy and Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

Reduce Short-lived Climate produce in India


This consulting assignment was to review and analyse research related to t adoption of sustainable and low energy cooling technologies in India’s building sector. This included support in the development of a theory of change, review of suitable cooling technologies and strategies, market assessment through stakeholder consultations and design of a technical assistance facility to achieve the project goals.


Client: C-Balance